there are different types of white men the gentlemen and the racist son of a bitches who supports trump in anyway and call Asians “ching Chong” make sure to check if there good people first before being friends.
**racist version**
(White men guy 1:) why did Asians bring in the corona virus >:C

(Normal person2:) what.

**Cool white guy**

(White men:) ah yes the floor is made out of floor.

(Normal person2:) good explanation.
by Ainaz Salimian Rizi May 19, 2021
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Enigmatic figures in society, often pictured on currency, credited with 90% of all wrongs in society.
Dead White Men ate my father. How about you?
by Mimir September 23, 2003
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Some book from Michael Moore which I don't care to read. But with a name like that, well, seriously! Holy shit is he outta his mind? As if he isn't already? Now I'm not only questioning what his nationality is, but what his color is! White, isn't it?

As funny as it looks and sounds, it's so oxymoronic, don'tcha think?
"Michael Moore proves that being anti-white isn't's popular!"
-some dude who posted a definition of Michael Moore

"Although Michael Moore is white, he'll still be raped by the KKK because he's anti-white."
by Dave March 21, 2004
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disgusting, pigs, make my blood boil, deserve to die, there are no good ones, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, overall bigots.
dumb bitch: "omg john mulaney is my fav unproblematic cishet white man!"
me: "he's not unproblematic mackenzeigh, he's said slurs on stage and been racist towards asian people. unproblematic cishet white men do not exist."
sane person walking by: "ew why are you talking about cishet white men, disgusting."
by gemgem<3 May 19, 2021
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Used to express the idea that white men can't jump as high as black men can on the basketball court. Also used to express the stereotype that white men can't play basketball that good.
White man: "Come on man! Let's go outside and play some basketball!"
Black man: "Bruh you know white men can't jump"
by Aj323__ July 10, 2016
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a phrase often used in basketball, often when playing 2s and 1s with boys named rory
'oi rory, don't bother trying, white men can't jump!
by jackson mississippi ;) November 20, 2017
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They share a common feature, beyond their gender and ethnicity. Americans who commit almost all mass shootings and other crimes of hate have the same uninflected, flat stare, easily seen in hundreds of photographs.
From Atlanta to Gilroy, through Las Vegas to Rockford, Orlando, El Paso and Oklahoma City, the locations and victims too many to count, the mass killings in America were not carried out by any of the hotly-feared groups targeted by the Far Right and the NRA. Mug shots reveal that in almost every case, the perpetrators were dead-eyed white men.
by Monkey's Dad March 18, 2021
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