Mysterious or puzzling;having the characteristics of a conundrum.
He is so enigmatic tht no one can understand him!
by Enigma December 2, 2003
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A COUPLE THAT IS SUPER CONFUSING AND U NEVER KNOW WHATS GOING ON. haha. They love each other, but sometimes pretend they dont. They dont even know why they do it.
Madison and Daniel are enigmatic, the definition of.
by supergc December 8, 2005
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a relationship that is always there but sometimes more than not...its very confusing. thats why its called enigmatic. its super confusing, they dont even know. only that...well...they love each other.
Madison and Daniel are SUPER enigmatic. Definition of.
by supergc December 8, 2005
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When you meet someone and just in the presence they turn you on, There is some kind of biological chemical attraction that draws you close to them. You cant help but question everything in your life because they came around, you are super attracted to them and their mind. They make your body tingle just the thought of them kissing your neck or picking you up. You question everything in your life because you thought you had the one but they come around and change your whole world and awaken you again. They bring the real you out and inspire you. Everytime you spend time together you want to say something but havent had the chance to say it. We laugh and always enjoy time together even just for knowing eachother for a short time.
Your presence has awakened and Enigmatical Desire in me, and I can feel that you are meant for me its biological, spiritual and it all seems ridiculous but the thought of you and me makes my body go wild.
by April 24, 2018
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its a sort of sadness which is quite mysterious and puzzling but no matter how much you try to find out the reason for it, u fail
hey Blake why only I get surrounded by this enigmatic sadness every time~!!
by December 15, 2012
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Warriors known for their mastery of all weapons and all fighting forms have become known as 'Enigmatic Warriors'. They are bad-asses who do whatever they please because they can. If an Enigmatic Warrior were to wear a bunny costume, that bunny costume would then become the coolest costume. ever. The name of Enigmatic Warriors tend to be Matt and Tom due to the awesomeness of Matts and Toms around the world.
Guy 1: Dude! Did you see that movie when that one guy beats the asses of like, 500 guys?
Guy 2: Yeah man, he fought like and Enigmatic Warrior.
by Blayde February 28, 2008
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