Someone who the hbtq-mafia made up to seem normal with their weird letter combinations.
by difog December 8, 2016
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A term often used by SJW's to immediately ignore someone's criticism of their views. Only applies to Cisgender white males.
White person: That isn't--
SJW FUCK OFF YOU CIS WHITE MALE SCUM! You sure as shit ain't welcome in my safe space!
by Argeuahble January 18, 2017
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People who often can't take their own medicine or accept that they're not oppressed.
Mike: "Lmao if only white people could season their food!"
Mike: "They already are, stfu man. Straight cis white males really are the biggest snowflakes."
by PhatCoochieLips May 30, 2020
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World's biggest problem and disgust. Showers with a 3in1 shampoo, and probably uses nor/mal pronouns, doesn't respect women, gay people, says ''No homo'', or the n-word.
Amy: Did you saw that Straight Cis White Male?
Hannah: OMG, yes he is so disgusting!
by DJNezinu March 6, 2021
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Usually a middle aged or senior citizen white dude. In some cases, the cis white is young because they are the offspring of another cis white. In the U.S., a cis white male typically works for the government, law enforcement, or some position of power that allows them to give orders that they themselves are “too good for.” Generally, a cis white lacks common sense and empathy, and the stern communication that they are capable of is centered around accomplishments. They do not consider other people’s feelings or time of day. They make demands, requests, or rules that are inconvenient, absurd, or demeaning, presenting like a small dose of autism. Similarly to an energy vampire, they feed off people following their orders; if you are in the same room as a cis white it is expected behavior that the cis white will confront you on what you are doing, and most certainly will follow up with some order, immediately and without fail. Without someone or something to dominate, the cis white (male) will become agitated or lose their fuckin mind like some Alzheimer’s patient. They often stir the chaos, thicken the plot, or possibly cause a scene that is flavorless and drags on. Most notably, the cis white manifests pure absurdity because they are essentially the most useless and the most powerful.
“Did you hear about that new cis white law?”

-Yes, I can’t believe they banned abortion

“As if objectifying women wasn’t enough, they’re about to cis white their way through the pharmaceutical industry!”

-Yeah, that’s some messy cis white right there…

If you or a loved one knows a cis white or cis white male, just answer yes sir to their demands and just forget about them and everything they said.
by trippppy May 22, 2023
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