The most nonsensical way to greet someone into your place of business
Wells Fargo Employee: "Welcome in!"
Customer: "smh..."
by lambgangsampson July 7, 2017
1. Welcome is the way of greeting someone of their presence in your location.
by HTML. July 11, 2015
People use Welcome because it is shorter then

You’re Welcome
Person 1:”Thanks for helping me today.”
Person 2: “Welcome.”
by Skatelynn05 January 28, 2020
When someone is truly thankful to you, this describes you saying "You're Welcome" with emphasis.
You're truly thankful to me? Well I'm you're very welcomeful.
by Asianess January 4, 2011
Slang used in the South to describe a bad situation or place. hell.
Johnny got shot and killed last week up the street...Welcome..!
by Kermit99 July 7, 2013
To be invited to, and are of considered good company.
Hey dad? Dad: yes son? I: is this guy welcome? Dad an mom: yes as long as you were expecting so.
by Titus dyfilid February 18, 2019
get down in a crouch position then put your arms cross ways and just dance with your legs flapping and your tounge hanging out and make stupid noises.
" Eldy did a fucking welcoming on the bathroom stall today man."
by Bah Doiley November 29, 2007