when someone has punched above his weight to lock down a fittie. often impressing the lads, he has snared a girl that would usually be well out of his league.
'did you see her? - richard has whipped it out. outstanding'

'shes well fit, how did u manage that?'
"i laid the groundwork early"
'you've whipped it out lad.'
by barnes boyz August 2, 2009
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removing ones dick from their pants in a very quick manner
that loser always whips it out at random times
by screwster May 11, 2005
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v. inf. A common phrase used to describe the occasion of a man suddenly producing his penis, often when completely unexpected and for no reason whatsoever.
Jim: See the game last night?
Dave: Yeah, United were unlucky to lose.
Jim: Think they'll sack the manager now?
Dave: They might have to. What do you think Gary?
*Gary whips it out*
by Terry Deary May 28, 2005
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when a male takes out his penis at an unexpected moment
Danny whipped it out on danielle and she was shocked at it large size!!
by I love Danielle March 25, 2005
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Pull out one's penis, cock, virile member without further ado.
So ya say ya want some head. Whip it out, buster!
by Octopod November 6, 2003
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What you might say when someone tells you to suck their d!ck.
Alexian: WHIP IT OUT
Me: ...
by Uz1 Sn1p3R May 17, 2011
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when someone says whip it out they mean i wanna suck your dick
your hot ,whip it out baby!
by coolestsophomorealive1234 December 15, 2016
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