Anything of value; gold; the truth
Yo check my 228

Hey I only speak 228
by The Sinister November 30, 2018
Лето, осень, папиросим. 228, 228.
Leto, osenj, papirosim. 228, 228
by Orbycell February 26, 2017
It's a title of the Russian Criminal Law about drugs like manufacturing, storaging and so on.
This title is very widespread in Russia, many songs about it and even clothes with it (like 228 cap).
Mostly used by drug users to show their position about drug laws in Russia or, frequently, just to make fun of it.
Boisya 228, esli pudrish nosik - Be afraid of 228 if you are blowing

Hey, my bro got cought with hash, he's gonna be judged by 228.
by demurechan February 12, 2017
The numerical value that represents the area code for the southern most part of the state known as Mississippi or Sippy.
"Im representin that 228"
by shoVel July 25, 2003
"A new fashion trend of Russian boys and girls includes figures 228 printed on their clothes which corresponds to Article 228 of the Russian Criminal Code (purchase and possession of drugs in large quantities)."

228 has a lot of appearances in the game "Bloodbath Kavkaz".
by Evokans June 27, 2017
united state postal service label. priority mail label. sticker label used for graffiti
graffitilabel 228
by hksone July 13, 2009