a suburb of Surrey(baby) b.c. canada, with many scary people.
the ''ghetto''
you live in whalley??!!! HOLY SHIT DUDE those crackhead, herion addicts be doing the whalley wiggle walk/dance always.
by what, shuttup September 4, 2006
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A term used to describe a vile piece of shit person that has no purpose in life and was most likely a failed abortion. Most "whalley's" grow up to marry washed up, cracked head strippers and have imaginary children
"Did you know we had a whalley on our floor? He's a virgin and masturbates in peanut butter jars!"
by I need more cowbell January 22, 2010
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Crack whore area of surrey, leads the world in human shit per street in the northern hemisphere. A favourite activity of the locals of Whalley is to to cover yourself in some shit laying on the street and then stab someone with your crack syringe.
Guy1: Yo I hear you came back from Whalley did you get stabbed???
Guy2:.....ya :l
by NewtonPizzaJack December 8, 2013
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The best surname in the world! No, they aren't crackhead sluts and losers that seek attention, they are funny sociable people. May not be the smartest in the world but at least they try!
Hey, you see Miss Whalley over there, she's bang tidy!
by hhbabexx August 18, 2011
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A sex position named after the district of Whalley, Surrey. Canada.

A Whalley Backalley is when you take two fingers and proceed to finger your partner's anus, followed by your anus, and then to your partner's mouth.
Hey bro, I heard Nato got Whallied (Short form for Whalley Backalley) by Egghead this weekend! Hahaha!
by FreakStyleNoStyle May 29, 2018
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