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a technique simulating the experience of shock, in which a person is strapped, face up, to a chair and their eyes are forced open with a speculum, while exposing large quantities of intense imagery to the individual for prolonged and varied amounts of time, allegedly making the victims insane.
Legend has it, that he escaped from a sanitarium somewhere in New York. Others believe he was an operative, who went rogue. They say, on particular nights, you can catch a glimpse of him running around in the pale moonlight, and hear an insatiable, crazed laughter while he is inundated with wetworking his victims at the slaughterhouse. He is the GUERRILLA ARTIST, known as THE KING OF SLOP. STRAIGHT OUTTA NEWBURGH. THERE IS NONE HIGHER. THIS IS HIS FIRE.
by Gray Water December 24, 2017
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sleeping with someone in order to get some sort of career-related goal accomplished.
I was out wetworking last night - I woke up in the bed of one of the most successful techno dj/producers. Hopefully he'll play my parties now!!
by HMacNYC March 25, 2010
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