Assassination, or a job that is likely to include killing someone.
"Fine, I'll take the case, but I have to warn you, I don't do wetwork," he said, pulling out a 9mm, checking the chamber and sliding it into his holster. "If it looks like I need this, I'm going to charge you double."
by taokoan December 31, 2004
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To muder or kill either in defense or to complete a certain task which could be murder in itself.

Usually associated with covert operations.
If you've got to do any wetwork be sure to use the silencer so you don't draw any attention to yourself.
by That-One-Guy November 1, 2003
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The act of pleasuring a vagina with mad skill.
Harold: Man, let night it was easy getting wetwork done in the shower with Corrin!
by Alfred Miller September 26, 2009
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Me and Sam put in that wetwork last night.
by Babygurl55 November 27, 2017
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When any person with a penis puts it in a vagina. That person then urinates in the vagina. After that the person eats out the vagina while the urine is in there.
"I am about to give this girl a Wetwork"
by Pee In My Mouth1 March 31, 2017
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a technique simulating the experience of shock, in which a person is strapped, face up, to a chair and their eyes are forced open with a speculum, while exposing large quantities of intense imagery to the individual for prolonged and varied amounts of time, allegedly making the victims insane.
Legend has it, that he escaped from a sanitarium somewhere in New York. Others believe he was an operative, who went rogue. They say, on particular nights, you can catch a glimpse of him running around in the pale moonlight, and hear an insatiable, crazed laughter while he is inundated with wetworking his victims at the slaughterhouse. He is the GUERRILLA ARTIST, known as THE KING OF SLOP. STRAIGHT OUTTA NEWBURGH. THERE IS NONE HIGHER. THIS IS HIS FIRE.
by Gray Water December 24, 2017
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