"Is that your ex? This is awks!"
by Alicat24 May 30, 2007
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What stupid 12 year old girls say when a situation is considered "awkward".
Omg! My name is Ashley too! That's so awks!
by Freakingbuttttt September 21, 2011
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this is a stupid word intended to be used in awkward situations only to make the situation even more awkard, this word is used by people that aren't very comfortable with speaking the english language.
by N0547 March 16, 2011
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A unit of awkwardness. It is not an abbreviation for awkward.
"I watch that movie, and the scene where they get naked had so many awks"
"I walked into the room and there was lots of awks"
by gdfuckingj November 10, 2011
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when something is extremely awkward. normally repeated multiple times.
girl one - omg it's your ex boyfriend.
girl two - awks awks awks awks
by betch1215 June 2, 2011
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Walking in your neighborhood during the Coronavirus pandemic, which includes awkwardly and suddenly moving to the other side of the street constantly because people are not 6 feet away from you
I went awking earlier to get my steps in 🤦🏻 ♀️
by Jensmo March 25, 2020
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It is a situation that falls in between both categories of awkwardness and awfulness creating something known as awkful.
I have to make sandwiches with my boss, it is going to be so awkful
by Fragileharp July 24, 2019
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