Originally a nick name for Mexicans greaser, beaner, pepper belly, either legally or illegally in the country. Originated in the American Southwest border states, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Through common usage has come to mean citizens of any nation who have immigrated here illegally.
Most wet backs sure are hard working, cheap laborers.
by Gregory B July 5, 2006
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A mexican racial slang slur. It is also meant by mexican workers in teh fields working while sweat accumulates upon their backs. Hence the name "wet back"
by Ethan Frame June 5, 2005
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Racial Slang. Refers to any Hispanic
immigrant, particularly those of illegal
origin (the implication being that a wet
back results from crossing river borders
by swimming). Generally considered to be
a slur, offensive. Also "wetback".
Every summer, they hired a bunch of wet
backs to work the fields, and paid them
under the table.
by T.D. January 20, 2003
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In order to properly execute "The Wetback" you need to sneak into the bathroom while someone is in the shower - ideally she's shampooing her hair and has her eyes closed. Then quietly pull the back the shower curtain, drop trow, stick your ass in the shower and rip a dirty one. The hot water makes the fart smell especially ripe, and closing the curtain traps it in the shower. The best part is, she has shampoo in her hair and no where to run!
Eric: I just gave Danielle a "wet back." (everyone gives Eric high fives)
by genius123321 December 8, 2009
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A condition that afflicts women who like to have sex in the woods.
I shagged Laura in the bushes last night and sent her home with a wet back. I think she had some poop on her too. But I didn't care.
by Yentruoc March 23, 2007
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goofy looking fruit cake most commonly name tonka
dude that wet back is so gay
by jboyoy123456 September 1, 2008
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