The act of dropping one's pants around the ankles while standing. This is usually a precurser to mooning, pissing, or receiving a blow job.
This girl wanted me so bad when we left the bar, I dropped trow in the alley and she eagerly went down!
by Joey Jo-jo Jr. Shabadu October 02, 2003
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To pull down or take off one's pants (short for 'drop trousers').
Tony got us arrested when he decided to drop trow at the Abercrombie & Fitch counter.
by roahboah October 06, 2003
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A trowel is a simple hand tool used to layer or “slot in” mortar between stones or bricks by a mason. While the spelling has changed, “drop trow” is long forgotten slang from the masonry trade meaning to immediately “drop the trowel”, stop working, and/or walk away from the job. The term was often used in reference to unionization and labor strikes in the 1880’s through the 1950’s in the United States.
I'm droppin' trow'-- I quit.
by J. Fine May 24, 2005
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pull down your pants and / or show off your butt
the nurse told me that that my arm wouldnt work, so I had to drop trow and take the shot in my rear end
by Joel October 02, 2003
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take down one's pants. Defined in the Preppy Handbook.
I dropped trow on the dance floor just to see what would happen
by julie October 05, 2003
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to drop one's pants, to either prepare for intercourse or making a "mangina"
"There are four easy steps to making a mangina: drop trow, spin arou, turn that frow, upside down!"
by Butters McWorthington VII October 14, 2009
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To remove ones trouser or if you live in the US, to remove ones pants.
Kevin was in need of a banging shit so he dropped trow and squeezed out a cleaveland steamer on his partners chest...
by Garf November 16, 2003
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