Often refered to when you miss the bowl when going to the bathroom (either '1' or '2')
Boy, I hate it when that guy come to my house. He always leaves a Westwood behind.


Man, did you see the bathroom at work yesterday? Looked like someone just bent over and let a Westwood fly.
by narkle June 18, 2008
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The home of the yg’s the richest and most cleanest hood in broward county
Westwood Yoo yg
by Dave wheatherspoon April 14, 2021
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An individual whom plays MMOs and is normally associated with people named "Pat" or "Ben"
Do you expect me to talk?
NO Mr Westwood i expect you to grind!
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An awesome post folk band from San Francisco. Based around lyrics and the times of old.
I can't wait to see Westwood & Willow on February 26th at Bottom Of the Hill with Max Bemis of Say Anything!
by JackOlantern12345 January 30, 2011
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Somebody who has the most radical political opinion you could ever imagine mostly to upset other people however if you try and argue about it with them they will have good points to fire back at you, they are calm cool and collective until you piss them off unless they are apart of the Asian "ball is life" movement then talking about almost anything will upset them faster then putting backing soda and vinager in a coke bottle
That Westwood boy was chill until I told him that Hillary will win
by Westwoodsquad September 01, 2016
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when a rich white town, like Westwood MA, (see Westwood High School) pretends nothing bad ever happens within its borders, so they blatantly ignore the issues that run rampant within it (like internalized racism, antisemitism, sexism, classism, etc.) Often can lead to misunderstanding the complex socioeconomic issues that control the lives of most of the world, leading people to become either dangerously naive or dangerously bigotted. A wonderful example of the modern mindset, especially in New England.
Don't mind Brendan. He grew up inside the Westwood Bubble. I think this is his first time seeing someone get arrested.
by BeeMovie2007 December 22, 2018
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