336 definitions by Cody5050

I'm tired of being everywhere and doing everyone I just want to escape from evaporation
by Cody5050 January 17, 2022
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I can't wait to commit more exclusive assault making Kaelen Cody William Granger shoot himself in the heart is erotic
by Cody5050 January 29, 2022
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what winfield coop in guelph will face if they dont detresspass
extermination is next to genocide as my mom is now stuck in my bed unlawfully without permission.
by Cody5050 January 12, 2021
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A disgrace to the name of humanity prejudiced furthering agist hatecrime and safe haven for drugs sale assistance with suicide stolen property human trafficking and penetrative child pornography
Facebook just blocked me again limiting my law enforcement abilities because I hit the wrong button I should shoot someone
by Cody5050 January 28, 2022
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What you get when you're drugged by doctors criminals and society with 1000s of cocktails of addictive drugs and pillaged sexually for your children
Get a restraining order against Homewood health center Guelph Ontario Canada for their anal addiction
by Cody5050 January 29, 2022
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When you're shopping for a child's guardianship and stewardship and custody battlefield hardline and cause human being to chemically explode.
Anirlift makes everything methamphetamine HCl even the anal m-eth-amp-het-amine HCl mixed with water to math anirlift
by Cody5050 February 26, 2022
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something so sensitive it should only be handled by family.

something only your aunts can handle.

something thats the reverse of a issue.
i dont know how my mom got antimatter everywhere, but its definitly there.
by Cody5050 January 13, 2021
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