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High school in Austin, Texas. 99% of the population is azn and the school is therefore highly competitive. It is impossible to make good grades. The school also intitutes the IB program, another form of torture.

They don't tell you this, but the teachers are really aliens. One specific teacher, Mrs. Hunt, is the devil in disguise.

Oh, the other 1% of students are comprised of stoners, jocks, wanna be asians, gamers, and losers in general.
"Oh you go to Westwood? You're gonna get pwn3d."
by own3d loser April 29, 2005
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A high school in Austin, Texas, a public school that ranks 74th in the nation. The majority of the student body is Asain, which makes the school in high demand of accelerated classes. Making good grades is easy, that is if you commit to: several dozen hours of homework every week and being diagnosed with sleep deprivation. Most of the teachers are nice, except for the old ones, they just use district provided power points to teach the students. They're trying to make the school more modern by refer-bushing the cafeteria and making more room for new classrooms. Overall, Westwood is a high school, known to many alumni that attend The University of Texas at Austin, easier than UT; a school where if you are not Asain or not really smart, you're pretty much screwed.
You're taking AP World history your sophmore year? You do know thats a course most college juniors take right, not Westwood High School students?
by WestwoodStudent February 17, 2011
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