Guy who wants to be black...but who is clearly white....
"Its Friday, yes it friday, yes its friday!"
by NeoRabbi March 6, 2005
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1) A neighborhood in Los Angeles, California A.K.A. little Iran

2) Westwood VILLAGE is a small collection of shops and places to eat where you can also watch a movie, mostly inhabited by persians

3) Westwood Recreation (or just rec) refers to a park that has a basketball court and gym with really wierd bathrooms. Many fights are held there
1) I live in Westwood
Vaghan? To Vestvood zendegi mikoni?

2) Hey let's go to Westwood Village after school, we can get some In & Out and see a movie

3) Awww shit you goin' to Rec on Friday? I got five bucks on Josh
No man, Jon will beat the shit outta him
by ShortyL June 28, 2005
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a beautiful neighborhood located in Los Angeles, which surrounds UCLA.
by BigREd September 30, 2003
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A true legendary DJ. He gets hated on because he's white and likes urban music. Note to every 1 this guy liked black music when black people in the UK didn't even like it. All those sales of black music in the Uk are mainly down to Westwood. That's why every 1 in the industry shows him nothing but love from 50 cent to snoop...Damn even BIG did a concert for him, so stop hating cos without this guy black music wouldn't be anything in the UK!!!

Whattup Blood, Whattup Cuz, Whattup Blud, Whattup WESTWOOD!!
by Dragonball April 2, 2006
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The reason all you dj's work at the other stations..big dog pit bull...tim westwood ..the most influentual figure in european hip hop
'are you listening to westwood?,it's crunk!"
by Craig McCarron January 21, 2004
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Best radio DJ there has ever been and ever will be.The reason all you other DJ's work at the other stations.
All Haters FALL BACK
"hey did you listen to the Tim Westwood Rap show last night"
by Richard May 8, 2004
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waking up with an erection that you've slept on such that it's crooked and points to the west
my dong hurt from the westwood in my pyjamas this morning
by djslut September 20, 2005
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