A person who comes from West Auckland, New Zealand.
Characterised by their black jeans, old black Metallica, Harlet Davidson T-Shirts, Fisherman Ribbed Black jerseys and mullet haircuts. Often seen wearing Nomad shoes (from 1980's highschool genre)
Man that dude driving the rusty cortina with the fluffy dice is a real Westy.
by Undy Bumgrope June 26, 2004
The hottest guy you'll ever meet. He has a massive penis at least 8" and is super nice and caring.
That Westy gets so many girls. H
by Menfucker420 December 20, 2017
Aussie slang for Westfields, the chain of shoppping centres.
Oi mate, wanna go to the Macca's at Westies?
by notabbott December 11, 2017
Somebody who loves the Wild West, and enjoys anything related to it.
I am such a westie (single) you don’t even know!
Yeah, we are all Westies. ( plural)
by Neyahh August 15, 2019
Bestie with a “W” for when you ain’t tryna be like these basic hoes
“Where my westie at ? Where that hoe go ?”
by Daddylyn March 8, 2019
Short, teenage-girl form for Westfield, the shopping centre.
Girl 1: Hey gurl. Want to go to westies this weekend?
Girl 2: Yes, sure.
by harrystylesisgod December 9, 2010
A radical and otherwiswe totally awesome home on wheels of german manufacture. Has a pop top, stove and lots of soul
Hey bro, lets nail the reggae fest this weekend. It would be hella pimp if we could convince the missus to let us take your westy!
by jeff matthews August 30, 2007