Also used for bogans from west Auckland, New Zealand
Black jeans, the westie uniform.
by Squidling January 7, 2004
Anyone from a suburb in Sydney found to the West of the spit bridge.
The Sydney Suburb of 'Strathfield'.
by PM March 24, 2005
a word that arrogant, snobby, north shore and eastern suburbs pricks call anyone from the heart of suburban Sydney. They forget that upper class Strathfield is located in the western suburbs.
don't go to Bondi Beach, its full of westies
by Westie August 21, 2003
Someone who is secretly polish.
A person who dresses like a chav, thinks hes black, has no friends and gets sexually excited about pressing refresh
person: so what were you doiing last night?
westie: i spent all night on colony wars arse raping people!
by sjones February 5, 2008
Someone from West Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.
Father, who is that man carrying the TV?
Drop it, Westie
by p wilson April 19, 2007
an asshole dog who only cares about itself
a westie dog
by pinky2346 November 2, 2010
A westie has become a term for someone who can be classified as a boagan or white trash. General dress code is Ugg Boots with Trackies and a mullet. However the term originated from the fact that these sort of people were found in the west side, i.e. west side of melbourne:western Suburbs: Footscray etc. Although this is not as true anymore 'westies' are found in places other than the west. This doesn't also mean that everyone from the west side is a 'westie.' Although the term westie has become brorder it is directly related to the fact that they live on the west side.
"I have a mullet and wear trackies with ugg boots, they call me a 'westie'"
by Sasco September 13, 2006