a female with kids from different men,getting money from the government to buy phones and skanky clothes to post statuses and booty shots on facebook
Suzy Delacruz got a new Iphone to post selfies and status's on Facebook with the ssi checks she gets for each of her dumb.. err disabled kids ,what a welfare queen smh.
by blastinU November 2, 2014
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A woman, regardless of race who is living off the welfare system purely because of laziness and not due to any real need.
She could have a job but she is a welfare queen.
by yo mamma September 10, 2003
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n. a lazy, un-wed, child-bearing woman who in the U.S. who milks government assistance for every penny she can. Created by LBJ in his Great Society plan and perpetuated by subsequent presidents.
Zaquina had five illegitimate children by five different men. She qualified for a hefty stipend, medicaide, and food stamps from the government.

She deprived her children of necessities and was able to buy herself a new Cadillac and a new house. Zaquina was, indeed, a welfare queen.
by Richard Black April 17, 2005
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one who receives public benefits for an ongoing period of years. This woman will squeeze out a host of children professional mother for the sole purpose of reaping the government assistance that follows. This woman is also known to supplement such income by becoming a parasite to various "boyfriends" and living off of their hard earned paycheck. Most welfare queens will never change and will live off of welfare until their eggs have dried up, or they find some sucker to support them and their 6 kids.
wife: "honey, I saw an eviction notice today on the door, why are we being evicted??"

Husband" "well, my baby's momma took half my paycheck again, because she is a lazy welfare queen. Looks like it's Top Ramen and living at motel 6 for us"
by Byteme April 1, 2004
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1) Individual who is perpetually dependent on government aid so that he/she and his/her family survive.

2) Corporation that is perpetually dependent on government incentives/subsidies to survive.
1) She gets free treatment from the state for drug addiction and has had seven children…all when on welfare? What a welfare queen!

2) Boeing is receiving the bulk of a $3.2 Billion dollar package of tax breaks just so 800 workers are hired in Washington State instead of some other state? What a welfare queen!
by AbnormalBoy April 23, 2004
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A racist term invented by Republican politicians and frequently connected with a speech by Former President Ronald Reagan in order to create more racist sentiment among middle and upper class whites in order to make said republican politicians more popular.
These welfare queens are destroying society!
by dylanh November 19, 2004
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A female who is constantly on welfare mainly because she is lazy. She certainly has the ability to get a job, but she doesn't because she's lazy. She will make up excuses to justify her horrid behavior, but none cuts it.

Aside from that check she loves so much, it is also likely she is also getting alimony from her children's various fathers, child support payments which she never actually use on her kids, and there's a high chance she might be leeching off of some boyfriend who is idiotic enough to go with her.

The government could easily not waste taxpayers money by not giving her anything to begin with, but she will undoubtedly sue and claim sexual harassment. This is, of course, what she will say to the very end, even in front of a mirror where she knows she's lying the best.
Clairiss: I would go to work, except my emotional pain from my last love leaving me has left me incapacitated!

Passing person: Lying bitch!
by BusinessMan April 29, 2005
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