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the mother of your illegitimate, and usually accidental, baby. Usually resulting from misplaced 'skeet' (see: sperm, ejaculation, pulling out).
A new trend or uprising fashion statement of modern 'gangstas'. More and more, baby's momma's are like the flat brimmed hat or diamond-plated teeth of todays thugs, regarded highly for the purpose of bragging rights. Baby mommas are often mistreated with the knowledge that, being tainted, she is yours for life and will never leave your side. Even after vigorous 'teaching' and respect' (see: bitch slap) she will remain there with you through thick and thin.
Those who have baby mommas are usually seen comparing both the looks and 'booty' of said mommas. Lately, even ballers, and shot callers have been joining into this trend. Phrases such as "i gotta pay my baby momma alimony," and "who's that? oh that's just my baby momma," have become increasingly popular with the younger generation.
1. Before a thug goes out, he makes sure he has his hat on, his chains, and his baby's momma's name tatoo on his arm.
2. I would pay child support to my baby's momma, but I would rather bang on di pipe.
3.I forgot to pull out, so i got me a baby's momma... don't tell her.. but I didn't forget
4. Ceal is my baby's momma, we had an unfortunate skeeting accident. - Mat
by Mat and Ceal October 12, 2005
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person 2: poopting you
by mr.poopter January 26, 2011
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The mother of your illegitimate child. Often the result of a short-term relationship or a one-night-stand, therefore she is not refered to as "ex-girlfriend."
by Tom August 17, 2003
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One who hassles for child support.

That chick you banged when you were drunk and forgot to bag it.
My babys momma is bringing my kid over today. I gave in and banged my baby momma last night.
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
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