The sound Titans make when they use their power
King: "Luz, I'm so happy I had you as a big sister."

King: "WEH!"
by Spexxo June 12, 2022
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Blunt rebuttal to (almost) any arguement or statement. Proper use of the word can instantly kill off even the most enthusiastic and considered theory or insult.
1. Oli: The differences between so-called races are so small as to be negligible.
Leigh: Wehhh

2. Dino: You're one fat fuck
Leigh: Wehhh
by Jingo7 October 1, 2011
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Larcombeism: a word that transcends all meaning, and which can replace any word one is too lazy to say.

Plural: "weh weh" indicates excitement
Mooting tomorrow? Weh!
How are you feeling? Weh!
Check out that lady! Weh weh!
by Larcombe's Guide to Legal Talk September 28, 2011
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weh weh weh wwweh weh ehwheh weh weh the swuare root of weh W - EH weh
robots are so weh
by poopoopeepeelord489 December 3, 2018
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Some actors find it hard to do a convincing French accent, and this is never more apparent than when attempting vowel sounds, in particular the French word for yes: 'Oui'.

Most commonly, the actor will pronounce the word 'Weh!!', accentuating their mistake with a particularly breathy delivery.
Steve: "So, you're new in town?"

Claudette: "Weh!!"
by The Surface February 5, 2012
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The new bruh.
When someone says something stupid or when you're greeting a bud.
"India is almost as big as Russia."
by vodconfident April 15, 2019
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Weh was actually started in Balgowlah Boys High School by legendary fobz Maika, Sione, and Noxy. They are known as the "3 Kingz". It didnt actually come from Freshie, but when Bally Boys moved to Freshie they spread the gospel there and the word weh is now used in everyday life. It is said at the end of a sentence to convey sarcasm.
1. weh ur good at footy but

2. Yeh your invited to my party... weh!

3. mad fone. WEHHHHH!

4. Your mum's not hot.. WEH!
by Mr. Krust is gay December 9, 2007
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