phrase used to describe something upcomming and progressive.
Man did you peep Dilla's new beat? That s%!%'s the next.

What have you been workin on? what's the next?
by Buffaunte February 7, 2006
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describes the installation process of most microsoft windows applications whereby you go through a series of dialogues that only offer "next" and "cancel" as an option.

used to describe the ease of installation of a specific application.
it's just a next next next install dude. accept all defaults.
by wizdude August 6, 2009
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When you are at a party and someone else already has "next" in pong. In reality, this term is synonymous with "never".
You: Yo can I get next?
Dude: Someones already got next, but you got next next
You: Yo sweet

*turns to your friend*
You: We never gonna play
by jawnski7 October 18, 2017
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Usually on Chatroulette, a new random stranger chat site, when someone clicks the "next" button almost instantly after seeing your face or webcam. The most common nexted individuals are males.
So this guy was whackin' it on Chatroulette, so I nexted him real fast. What a douchebag.
by anonymous90x February 25, 2010
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A slang term whose meaning and implication are similar to 'random', 'pointless', 'shit' (adj.), 'stupid', 'crazy', etc.

Although the word itself has no fully-feesible meaning or definition, it is commonly used in conjunction with other social slang and usually said in an informal context.

The term is usually not associated with direct offense, rather it is most commonly used to describe a past or present event in a loose social environment.
"That is some next shit."

"This assignment is next."

"Some next guy asked me for loose change."
by Daniel Tran May 8, 2006
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Used to replace phrases like, 'Oh thats some annoying girl'. It is meant to be degrade a person as though they are sub-human.
That's just some next boy i know who lives in my endz
by soulsista88 July 25, 2005
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1. To get rid of your current date, and move on to the next date. Created from the MTV show "NEXT"
Wow, he got nexted in under a minute
by Dagnast April 29, 2005
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