an awesome flash game website where you can level up, chat with freinds, collect badges and more. They are working on thier own online card game collected from weekly game events.
"Dude did you win the card for this week yet on kongreagte?"

"I found this awesome game website called kongregate."
by kongregate player June 22, 2008
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A social gaming site, you can play games and stuff, but all that junk sucks, the only reason people go there is becasue of the forums, all of the sub forums all dead 'cept for these few, Off-topic, Serious discussion and Forum Games, the regs in these forums are now as OTters, SDers and FGers. Now for a little info on them, OT as of 2013 is in a sort of "rebirth" stage, meaning most of the cool people left and we're stuck with unfunny newfags until they grow up and become funny, also theres a event in OT know as the newfag surge, it happens in the summer, it's when a bunch of newfags come and spam unfunny memes. SD is full of pseudo intellectuals, unless you like long winded arguments I wouldn't go here. FG is full of people RPing. Also if you noticed that OT has the longest description, it's becasue SD and FG are pretty boring.
Man 1:Hey man you play on kongregate bro???

Man 2:Yeah bro but I only go there for the forums.
by boa152 July 2, 2013
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Flash gaming websites that allows developers to gain money from advertisements and a new system called "Kredz" in which a gamer can choose to give soom kredz to the developer directly without kong interference. Some other great additions is the badge system in which points are allocated to the user based on how hard the badge criteria is (5,15, 30,60 point increments) Also a chat next to the game is shown. Every week atlast two challenges come out where you can earn cards for kongregates' multiplayer card game called Kongai.
Noob: Dude Addicting games is way better
Jdacheifs0: Does Addicting games have a chat room called ItBeARoomYo! like kongregate does?
Noob: uhhhhhh...
Jdacheifs0 Fail.
by Jdacheifs0 November 21, 2008
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Kongregate is an online gaming website launched on October 10, 2006, GameStop bought in July 2010. It which allows users to upload their own games, earn badges, and even socialize in chat rooms and forums. Even though most of the site is free, they also offer a paid membership called Kong Plus.
Kongregates in-game currency called Kreds can be used in multiplayer games available on the site.
Kongregate is way better than other popular online gaming websites such as Armor Games and Addicting Games.
by Caleb_Nyuu June 13, 2013
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A website, where you can chat and play a game simoultaneously!!!
The authorities of Kongregate:
Administrators: greg, jimgreer, emily_greer, Ducklette, AlisonClaire, Kongretgate, Jonathan, jvoorhis, phoenix00017, and jim7(there are more!!!)
Curators: JohannasGarden, rawismojo, jindo, Derjaz, truendymion, Darth_sirov, Dinosaur_Hunter, matt, and TheDavidCarney(possibly more in the future...)
Room owners: Genx, IAmTheCandyMan, Mostly_Harmless, and Akasharoo(there are more!!!)
Moderators: MossyStump, Storageheater, Kralis, todbot1, oink, aenh, awalters, DragonFlame997, Nahh, unproductive and GormenGhast(there are more!!!)
by ALEXtheEMO November 22, 2009
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Kongregate is a website with some of the best flash games. My favorite flash game site by far. You earn badges, similar to xbox 360 achievements and level up. You can also buy kredz for special things in games. Another good thing it's for is forums. The most used is General gaming, serious discussion, and off topic. Although fun to be in the forums, OT/SD will be full of flamers, trolls, newfags, and oldfags. SD/OT also have a lot of obnoxious idiots who try to make themselves seem smarter then everybody. But, it still is fun.
SD-er topic: When will people stop being so ignorant and all become Atheists?

OT-er topic: WEW! Smell that crotch rot!

by SchizophrenicUnicorn January 27, 2011
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An amazing site where you might meet many many friends such as koolfoo3,Kkavala,and more!Also you can just play games all the time such as Apple Shooter,Papa's Burgeria,Flaming Zombooka 2,and many many many more!You can even level up by earning badges that a person named Greg assigns to games.To keep chats clean there are mods but some happen to give unfair warning such as livy or Livzy the room owner of the cliff
A warning for chatting(unfair warnings),Kongregate
by Darkness_awaits December 8, 2010
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