A weapon, particularly from the twentieth century, which harms large numbers of people when deployed.
George Bush, Microsoft, the CNN newsbar, the Big Brother housemates, Antarctica
by Medusa July 04, 2004
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A brother commin outta jail, with no job, education or direction in life. Waiting to explode and go back to the penn again.
D'Angelo be ready to explode like a W.M.D., his momma gunna straight trip
by D'Angelo July 03, 2003
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A grave and imminent threat to the security of our nation. And we thought the vampire unicorns were bad...
by Voidsoul July 28, 2008
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nuclear weapons, sporks, SARS, and, of course, computers.
"They have computers and OTHER weapons of mass destruction!!!" ~Janet Reno
by schiffypop September 03, 2003
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