1. The only thing that detered a massive war between Russia and the United States during the Cold War.
2. Something that stopped a massive invasion of Japan during World War 2 and saved many American soldiers lives.
by Prophecy August 15, 2003
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1. Any type of chemical, biological, or nuclear weapon.
2. Stock excuse for any nation of the Free World to invade any other nation of the not-so-Free World that they don't like.
1. Saddam has (or rather, had) weapons of mass destruction.
2. We will depose all dictators who have weapons of mass destruction
by wambob July 17, 2003
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A weapons system only allowed for US,Russia,France, UK, China and Israel. Other countries with ambitions of owning such systems will be Bush-wacked at billions and billions dollars of cost to the unemployed American taxpayer.
by Anonymous November 02, 2003
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Modern equivalent of the Holy Grail: they may never be found, but they sure provide impetus for Christian westerners to crusade into the Middle East and kill brown people.
by Colin January 18, 2004
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