The focused application of nerdiness , computer tech savvy and social awkwardness in the cyber pursuit of justice, Payback or even serving the public interest. Real world results originating in social media, online forums and other Web locales.
Damn!!! Those 4Chan dudes fucked that child molester up!!! Hacked his Facebook and Twitter--Posted his conviction to all his family and friend. Weaponized Autism like a motherfucker!!!
by BarrySoetero November 29, 2016
Something only a sufferer of "half-rack autism" (alcoholic) would say. People who are born with autism have an excuse; people suffering from half-rack autism have no excuse at all.
Dave: "Hey, Carl! What's with that flamefest on the Hyundai forum you go to?"
Carl: (as he cracks open his 11th beer of the night) "I'unno, some weaponized autism shit."
Dave: (shakes head) "Says the dumbass whose autism comes from a can...or twelve of them. Dude, that's bullshit, grow up."
by Hinkel August 11, 2019
The Ultimate Superweapon of internet users,especially 4chan. Weaponized Autism consists of repeated use of offending materials,such as Anti-LGBTQ+ posts/texts,Fandom-Triggering posts/pictures (E.G Calling Bronies Autistic,and Calling Furries no-lifes),and with 4chan's case,spamming lewd and adult content,such as pornography and it's variants. Other variants of Weaponized Autism may include Political Arguments,Computer Brickings (See Tumblr vs. 4chan),and Petitions (Also see Tumblr vs. 4chan).
Greg:Hey,have you heard about 4chan attacking Tumblr with their Weaponized Autism?
Jonathan: Yeah man,they're totally nuts!
by HANDLEALREADYUSED January 18, 2019
Someone whose autism is so advanced they can locate cockwombles using astronomy.
(Capture the Flag season 3 Shia Le'bouf)
"Wow those dudes that found Le'bouf in the hidden cabin .......Man ! That's weapons Grade Autism ! "
by Chiron December 8, 2017
A type of stupidity so advanced it could, in the right hands, topple nations.
What kind of weapons grade autism did they hit you with that made it seem like a smart idea to play slap tickle with a grizzly bear?
by coopahshakazulu April 6, 2017
A type of autism that's featured in a joke. Has the power to kill extremely powerful people. For example, after laughing over a dark joke on Gulags, Joseph Stalin's brain had a severe hemorrhage that made his Stalinium skull cave in.
Russian dude: Hey, Russian dude 2, did you hear how Stalin died?
Russian dude 2: Nope.
Russian dude: He died from weaponized sexual autism over a Gulag joke.
by Weaponized Dank Ootism November 4, 2018