a person who gets underpaid to fix simple user errors
Person A:"My computer is working."
Person B:"Call that computer tech"
by marc September 4, 2003
Someone that is in control of all IBM Lab tops at School. Has ultimate control under the jurisdiction of Mr. Tanner.

They have an unseen presence about them, they can fix and repair almost anything that is electronic.

They have gone through classes to get to the status they have and will forever be remembered in the history of school.
Lead Computer Tech Zach,Lead Computer Tech Mark,Lead Computer Tech Other Mark,Lead Computer Tech Josh,Lead Computer Tech Joey
by Super Z January 27, 2009
Your favorite class where you get to see the baddie teach the class and teach you about technology.
Yo! I can't wait to go Riz the computer tech class teacher she is so bad!
by TJMcurry September 23, 2022