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Alcoholism. Commonly and derisively used against an antisocial, asinine dumbshit who can't keep his mouth shut or instigates fights because "it's the alcohol talking". He often uses the term "weaponized autism" on others and thinks he has an excuse for his behavior, whereas people born with autism actually do have an excuse.
Dave: "Are you as sick of Carl as I am?"
Mark: "Yeah, he keeps going on about 'weaponized autism'. Hypocrite...he's got half-rack autism bad. He can fix that but won't. People with autism have an excuse, he doesn't. He needs to man up for once."
Dave: "Got that right."
by Hinkel August 11, 2019
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Something only a sufferer of "half-rack autism" (alcoholic) would say. People who are born with autism have an excuse; people suffering from half-rack autism have no excuse at all.
Dave: "Hey, Carl! What's with that flamefest on the Hyundai forum you go to?"
Carl: (as he cracks open his 11th beer of the night) "I'unno, some weaponized autism shit."
Dave: (shakes head) "Says the dumbass whose autism comes from a can...or twelve of them. Dude, that's bullshit, grow up."
by Hinkel August 11, 2019
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