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The ultimate trap card in an argument.It can be used to deflect the most powerful sentence,you mom gay lol.

Trust us,this will wreck the living hell out of your opponent
Richard:Your mom gay lol
Jonathan:No u
Richard:*Teleports to another dimension*
by HANDLEALREADYUSED February 28, 2018
Usually has 2 or more definitions depending on situations:

1.If it's in real life,it's just a mad man using his gun as often as drops on water in a water fall.
2.If it's in a video game and it's an Esports type,same thing as the first one.
3.If it's in a video game,and it has projectile weapons (For example,TF2),it's outright spamming.
1.Look at that man,he's trigger happy with that M14A1!
2.Oh my god,look at that noob,he's trigger happy.
3.Can someone ban that guy?He's trigger happy.
The Ultimate Superweapon of internet users,especially 4chan. Weaponized Autism consists of repeated use of offending materials,such as Anti-LGBTQ+ posts/texts,Fandom-Triggering posts/pictures (E.G Calling Bronies Autistic,and Calling Furries no-lifes),and with 4chan's case,spamming lewd and adult content,such as pornography and it's variants. Other variants of Weaponized Autism may include Political Arguments,Computer Brickings (See Tumblr vs. 4chan),and Petitions (Also see Tumblr vs. 4chan).
Greg:Hey,have you heard about 4chan attacking Tumblr with their Weaponized Autism?
Jonathan: Yeah man,they're totally nuts!
by HANDLEALREADYUSED January 18, 2019
Zoophile Degenerative Initiatives (Z.D.I),also known as furries,are species of Humans that turned into psychotic Zoophiles and dress like animals. Furries have been known for their major amounts of unusual fetishes which,to nobody's suprise,disturb people in the internet. Furries have taken the highest place in the Rule 34 Community,having 191862 artworks in total. The Furry Fandom is widely considered as the most cancerous fandom in the internet,for the above reasons.
Mark: Hey,are you a furry?
Jonathan: What no. They're disgusting.
by HANDLEALREADYUSED November 15, 2018