2 definitions by BarrySoetero

The focused application of nerdiness , computer tech savvy and social awkwardness in the cyber pursuit of justice, Payback or even serving the public interest. Real world results originating in social media, online forums and other Web locales.
Damn!!! Those 4Chan dudes fucked that child molester up!!! Hacked his Facebook and Twitter--Posted his conviction to all his family and friend. Weaponized Autism like a motherfucker!!!
by BarrySoetero November 29, 2016
Literally means "ass breaker" in Spanish (especially Puerto Rico, Cuba and Dominican Republic) It refers to a dick so big that if a guy sticks it in a girl's ass she won't be able to shit normally for a few days.
Ay Papi!!!!!! You aren't sticking that RompeCulo in me!!! I'll suck it but you ain't putting it in me!!!!
by BarrySoetero December 10, 2016