An extremely powerful metal forged by Joseph Stalin. It is created by melting communite and cykinium. It was used as armour for Russian planes and tanks during ww2. Due to the toughness of the metal, many German troops were infuriated by the armour as all tank and anti-aircraft gun shells bounced off the metal.
German soldier: ACH! Ze stalinium ich op gaijn plz nerf!
by Anrende April 10, 2016
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A metal forged by Stalin through the process of refining his blood through the combination of sweat of the gulag workers and Vodka. A metal only the true followers of stalin know. Many germans feared this metal for its supreme luck and ability to reflect anything that would hit it.
German soldier: Das Stalinium its too op! Gaijin pls nerf .
by Communism Online October 18, 2017
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Stalinium is a super metal forged by Stalin during the Russian Civil War but wasn't made to use during the conflict because of supply problems. Then after the war Stalin refined the metal with the will of the people to bring the metal to its next form AS TRUE STALINIUM. When the Nazis invaded Russia during WW2 Stalin used the SUPPER METAL to protect his tanks from German shells (which bounced off the tank).Even after the war the metal was still used in tanks, planes, and guns and After the fall of the U.S.S.R. the metal was refined by Putin to make a metal witch some scientists think is the material that was used to contain the ark of the covenant. This Metal is putinium
Stalinium beats nothing
by Russian man321 September 27, 2017
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Sloped, depleted, glued, bent, twisted, consumed, and shitted out by Stalin himself and whacked together with a hammer and sealed with vodka metal, that is capable of bouncing any and all tank shells from 1939-1951
Jesus dude the russian bias is so stronk. This Stalinium is inpenetrable!
by Stalin himself September 6, 2017
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An element from the periodic table of awesome. The only known source comes from the blood of Josef Stalin. 1000 times more radioactive than radium.

Discovered in 2006 by Spicer.
"Stalinium, found only in Stalin's blood, is the reason Stalin is the epitomy of awesome."
by mark_oo00 May 4, 2006
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The strongest metal ever created made in 1000 B.C.E by the ancient northern Russian colony known as the Stallony. It was used in the Great Russian War known as the ба́бушка or “babushka” if translated. This material is stronger than beskar and can only be forged by true northern Russians.
Only the true Russian bears of the north can craft Stalinium!!!
by the big snutch March 25, 2021
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The hardest element that is known to man, named after the 1922-1953 Russian leader Joseph Stalin. (Note that it isn't real.)
The tank is made of PURE STALINIUM!
by StolenStalin April 19, 2017
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