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The happiest man alive in Texas. He is a Christian pastor that often says "You are a child of the most-high God". Has a creepy smile.
Joel Osteen: "-and this child had severe autism, just like me!"
*Creepy smile intensifies*
by Weaponized Dank Ootism September 23, 2019
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Lit. translation (Dutch): "Guys from Hell"/"Men from Hell"
A mutated subspecies of humans that live in the Alpha Centauri system, primarily on the planet Helghan. Due to its highly inhospitable conditions, the Helghast have adapted, becoming physically stronger and wearing gas masks nearly all the time.

The Helghast are the main antagonists of the sci-fi FPS Killzone, though the lore of Killzone and the events throughout the series paints a far different picture.
Some Vektan guy: The Helghast are evil!

Helghast: Oh, so my people and I are evil simply because we:
Resisted an attempt to conquer a law-abiding nation and people,
Were exiled to a terrible planet that killed millions through starvation and hardship,
Having our main planet unlawfully taken away from us,
Racially discriminating us as mutant freaks,
And of course, claiming that our leaders are tyrants when we freely support said "tyrants" and when they actually do something good for our people and nation.
by Weaponized Dank Ootism December 13, 2020
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A movement based off the Gay Pride, Doge Pride consists of good followers to the Religion of Doge Truth.
by Weaponized Dank Ootism June 24, 2019
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A type of autism that's featured in a joke. Has the power to kill extremely powerful people. For example, after laughing over a dark joke on Gulags, Joseph Stalin's brain had a severe hemorrhage that made his Stalinium skull cave in.
Russian dude: Hey, Russian dude 2, did you hear how Stalin died?
Russian dude 2: Nope.
Russian dude: He died from weaponized sexual autism over a Gulag joke.
by Weaponized Dank Ootism November 4, 2018
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"Ura" is the universal battle cry of every Russian. It's in their blood. Throughout Russian history, Russia had been invaded many times. Upon a Russian screaming "URA!", every Russian within earshot will immediately rush with that person to defend the Motherland.
Ivan: "URA!"
Literally every Russian within earshot: "URRAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!"
*Russians begin bullrushing*
by Weaponized Dank Ootism January 7, 2020
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The weapon the Avengers fortunately did not encounter. Is currently attached to Thanos. On discharge, the initial blast radius would have wiped out Wakanda instantly. The shockwave would cave in entire mountains, start tsunamis, while billions of baby Thanoses would begin landing all over the place.
Captain America: You want this, Grape? You want my pole in you!?

Thanos: Then let's do a cockfight. Let's see how it matches with The Infinity Boner!
by Weaponized Dank Ootism March 29, 2019
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*A car hits a sign because the driver sucks at turning*
Driver: "This must be Biden's fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Spectator: "Damn son that is some extreme Biden Derangement Syndrome you got."
by Weaponized Dank Ootism July 2, 2022
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