A very small penis, named after a thin hot dog sausage in the states
that blokes only got a weanie
by thatsrich May 15, 2007
a boy who lies a lot but is a decent enought guy.could be a closet homosexual.
there is weanie
by Seany L May 13, 2003
A word misunderstood by the greater perverted american male who has raging hormones and and can't control his desire, in actuality it is the excess skin which kind of hangs of your elbow when your arm is straight
Everybody has two weanises
by Scared Shi+less April 6, 2005
other word for male reproduction organ. AKA penis.
your a weanis head, bitch!
by Nick May 21, 2003
A dude who is to much of a bitch to have sex.
My bf is such a bitch weanie that I touched his dick and he screamed.
by Trail trash Tammy February 7, 2017
a two faced dick head that is not a nice person. basically he cares about no one but his wiener and is just MEAN. meanie weanie.
Nick was a meanie weanie. Boys can be meanie weanies.
by Nick204654 June 14, 2010