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A scene groupie.

Millions of girls who follow the scenes in their school, town, etc. They are the ones who go on youtube make comments on videos of emo/scene pictures like "OMG HES SO HAWT."

The bad thing is, you rarely get to see a scene boy's face, which means that he isn't attractive, but his hair is. Ultimately, if a scene boy was to cut his hair off, the scenie would become unattached immediately from the scene individual. This proves how heartless the groupie can be.

These scenies are also the reason why scene boys take pictures of themselves. The scenies compliment and pamper the scene to the point where they become conceded, and think they're the hottest, giving them the right to take pictures of themselves.

SCENE KID: *exposes face*

SCENIE: Oh, nvm.

SCENE KID: *Puts hair in front of face again*

by Haaggen Daas June 20, 2009
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A poser scene kid.
mosgt of the time there either younger than 13 or a follower of a poser.
girl-"ugh. i hate scenies, theree so stupid. like posers ftw"
friend-"oh shit, scenies are coming towards us."
scenie-"hey! Whats Up??!!??"
girl- "leave us alone,kaithanksbye"
by whattheeff June 19, 2008
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