Verb, with the same meaning as the verb: 'sleep'.
"Where's Mike? It's only 10:30?"
"He's at home weaking."
by d[;2-357 April 03, 2010
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When u wear goggles or flippers in the water or willow
You are weak take of them gooogooglls.
by Hiipee hilly June 06, 2018
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adjective that adds emphasis to any word.Can be possitive or negative. can cause the describing word to negate.
a weak goal = very good or crap goal.
by mackie February 02, 2005
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Used by Queensland supporters as a derogatory remark regarding the New South Wales State of Origin Team within the Australian Rugby League competition (NRL). The term arises from their recent bad form in which the team has lost the previous five series in a row.
I don't know why anyone would support that bunch of weak fools anyway.
by umadbra May 24, 2011
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