What you would call your modern day noob or someone who is below you and has less power.
Person: "2 months of playing and I'm still below you."
Me: "Lol, you're weak."
by Pesentious June 14, 2018
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A fully unsatisfactory situation; a weak circumstance. Something weaker than awful.
by Chronicpayne July 03, 2011
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An individual that lacks physical or mental power and will.
E.g. 1

Yani: Roman can barely squat anything
Léo: yea I know he's so weak

E.g. 2
Yani: did you see that mehdi got a bad grade in math
Léo: yea he's so weak
by Too much love March 12, 2018
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When a pussy as bitch let’s anyone run over her including fucking Olaf
Amaya is so weak she let stephanie, STEPHANIE out of all people talk mess about her
by Saddestblossomm December 23, 2019
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a term used to describe someone who has a drinking problem, usually alcoholics.
The Irish are known for having the weakness.
by S. Z. December 28, 2006
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To be weak can mean that someone is acting annoying, dumb, funny, or simple minded depending on the situation. The word can also be used in an event where someone has been caught in the act of doing something incredibly embarassing.
" This dude is lookin real weak right about now. "

- James Broady Jr.
by Jerrard V. Broady February 09, 2009
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