When a pussy as bitch let’s anyone run over her including fucking Olaf
Amaya is so weak she let stephanie, STEPHANIE out of all people talk mess about her
by Saddestblossomm December 23, 2019
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a) To not be strong. To be flimsy, breakable, delicate, broken easily.

b)To be pressured by others easily. "Go on CHANGE" "Ok sure... i mean its just my IDENTITY im sacrificing.. no worries"

"The way he just traded in everything he was just to be accepted by those freaks - God he is weak!"

"Oh My Lord, did you just SEE that just now? He cant even bench press a small weight? He is SO weak"
by Cool-Hot-Nice October 03, 2006
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An individual that lacks physical or mental power and will.
E.g. 1

Yani: Roman can barely squat anything
Léo: yea I know he's so weak

E.g. 2
Yani: did you see that mehdi got a bad grade in math
Léo: yea he's so weak
by Too much love March 12, 2018
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To be weak can mean that someone is acting annoying, dumb, funny, or simple minded depending on the situation. The word can also be used in an event where someone has been caught in the act of doing something incredibly embarassing.
" This dude is lookin real weak right about now. "

- James Broady Jr.
by Jerrard V. Broady February 09, 2009
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Used in Jersey to express that something is good. It is mainly used by chavs and is often met by bemusement from those who have not heard it used in this way before.
Chav 1: Stealing that cider was a mal (very) weak idea

Chav 2: Yeah man, I buzz off doing weak shit like that
by knobbo June 30, 2009
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