adj. An improper shortening of the phrase "made me weak" to simply the word "weak." This adjective implies that something is funny or otherwise capable of weakening one involved with it.
Person 1: *tells a funny joke*
Person 2: That was weak, yo.

In a good and correct world, person two would say, "That made me weak, yo."

Well, in a correct world, he wouldn't say yo, but whatever.
by Lezard Valeth May 25, 2003
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weak, when you laugh a lot, you get weak, and you cant stand up, because youre weak, when you laugh so much it hurts, and youre weak, so you cant stand up, and the word funny is overused
me: i didnt go to school today
other kid: i didnt go for all of it but 1st block
me:youre so bad
other kid:i know
other kid:we had some drug runs and sex stops and then we murdered some hitch hiker and stole some beer
me: hahahaha
me: weakkk
by emily s May 24, 2004
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a) To not be strong. To be flimsy, breakable, delicate, broken easily.

b)To be pressured by others easily. "Go on CHANGE" "Ok sure... i mean its just my IDENTITY im sacrificing.. no worries"

"The way he just traded in everything he was just to be accepted by those freaks - God he is weak!"

"Oh My Lord, did you just SEE that just now? He cant even bench press a small weight? He is SO weak"
by Cool-Hot-Nice October 03, 2006
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adjective that adds emphasis to any word.Can be possitive or negative. can cause the describing word to negate.
a weak goal = very good or crap goal.
by mackie February 02, 2005
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generally unimpressive or how some people would put it, "sad"
Person 1: I got a B+ on my test.
Person 2: JUST a B+? That's weak.
by xLxIxNxDxSxAxYX February 25, 2008
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