see on the real

when used in "on the strength" means for real, right, exactly
That's not right cause she was the wrong one, on the strength yo.
by Loni December 7, 2003
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Louis Tomlinson is a true definition of strength.

Lottie Tomlinson is a true definition of strength.

Phoebe Tomlinson is a true definition of strength.

Daisy Tomlinson is a true definition of strength.
by lols me is fangirl March 17, 2019
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Hey, a flyer!
FLYER:Stutmut gives handjobs and blowjobs for 20 dollars! She is abundant in strength, and has experience. She will not harm you, unless you want it.
Yea, and a blowjob!
by KawaiiAnime November 26, 2003
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-The only love of Dark Star.


-King of Darkness.

-Stands by Dark Star, protects her with his life.

-Lover of Dark Star.
Strength was infuriated by the man's slander for his love Dark Star, he had him shot for his verbal crime.
by SecretAdmirer September 30, 2004
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Some people seem to think working is a sign of strength. It doesn't take strength to go to work and make money, you're going to do that anyway to live. You could be the one that weighs 98 pounds soaking wet and hold a job for years if it's what you had to do to live.
The guy/girl thought it took strength to go to work and pay the bills. Really there were strong people who were unemployed and weak people who still had jobs simply because strength is not a factor in who works and who does not.
by Solid Mantis April 7, 2020
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For free; given out of respect, friendship or in the spirit of solidarity.
"Yo, lemme get those oatmeal cookies on the strength." Used in the prison chow.
by Dick Shootz July 19, 2010
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having the strength to trust someone to pay you back in full. if the debt is paid, both parties become stronger. but if it is not paid, the person in debt loses his strength and is never to be trusted again.
guy 1: yo can you front me an ounce?

guy 2: fuck you

guy 1: cmon dogg, on strength

guy 2: aight fine
by dirk von rambo March 6, 2011
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