2 definitions by Matthew Forcella

A term used to describe a person, thing or situation that is exceptionally lame, and is often associated with physical weakness.
You can't do ONE push up!? That is weak sauce.

You're car is totally weak sauce!

Man, I don't want to go to Brad's house, that guy is weak sauce.

I can't believe we're lost! This is so weak sauce!
by Matthew Forcella February 2, 2009
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The Chuck Norris is a shot composed of 1 part Bourbon and 1 part 151 with as much tabasco as you can handle. You then place a few more dashes of tabasco on your hand, lick it off and take the shot. This is the REAL Chuck Norris Shot, not to be confused with the fruity weak sauce drink they consume in North Dakota. That is a drink Chuck Norris would never be caught drinking. If you respect Chuck Norris, drink this and teach your local bar how to make a proper Chuck Norris.
Barkeep! Give me a REAL Chuck Norris Shot!
by Matthew Forcella February 2, 2009
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