Someone who pretends to be your friend but talks negatively about you when you're not around
I thought Kaila was my friend, but it turns out she talks shit about me behind my back, what a two-face.
by Carnalidge April 5, 2009
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One of Batman's oldest foes, and one of Bruce Wayne's oldest friends. His first appearance was in Detective Comics #66, in 1942.

He was once Harvey Dent, the youngest District Attorney in Gotham City's history. However, Salvatore "Boss" Maroni threw acid in his face during a trial, which hideously scarred him and fractured his psyche.

Now known as Two-Face, he has developed an obsession with duality and chance, basing his crimes around the number two, and deciding outcomes of life or death with a flip of his two headed coin, which like him, is scarred on one side.
From the private notes of Dr. Hugo Strange

Two-Face is obsessed with duality, and determined to recruit half the population of Arkham City in preparation for a bloody war against the other gangs within Arkham City. But his strategy starts and ends with a flip of his coin, adding an element of randomness to his every move.

"The world is cruel, and the only morality in a cruel world is chance. Unbiased, unprejudiced, fair."-Harvey Dent/Two-Face
by Phenomenal1 August 23, 2011
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When you finger a girl on her period and then finish on your hand, wiping it across one half of her face.
"I totally Two-Faced that girl last night."
by Kitchen'sClosed September 17, 2008
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when a person acts a certain way in one place and acts different in another.
john is two faced because he will only talk to me when his friends are around.
by flower December 9, 2003
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A persona that usually stems from a lack of self-identity, self-esteem, and/or cajones. The person is also usually a brown noser, as they try to please whomever they meet. In an effort to be accepted by the entire world, a "two faced" person will socially accomodate anyone they meet in an attempt to be popular and liked by everyone. More often than not, however, two faced bitches are usually covering up their assholism.

Sherry loved to be liked by everyone. There wasn't a person that she didn't meet that she could not be "friends" with. However, when her "friends" weren't around, she was a two faced bitch. "Damn, I fucking hate Janel; she's really a dirty cunt licking whore. Hey, I'm going shopping for Janel's birthday party on Friday, wanna help me pick something out for her?"
by rpunkboy September 14, 2007
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two-faced is when someone is nice to you in person but when not in person talks shit behind your back...
wow >name< is nice to me in person but when he leaves he just fucking trash talks me (two-faced)
by .EXcLUsiVE. September 10, 2005
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Two faced is when someone acts lik your friend and then talkabout u behind your back
you mad twofaced because u was surpose to be my friend and u talkin behind my back
by J'mani April 6, 2004
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