what cha doing or what chu doing. Used when the person wants to put a fancy way of saying what's up in text or instant messaging
amber b: hey wcd
derek d: nm, by the way you know I invented that acronym right?
amber b: no wai!
derek d: ya wai!
by doubleDbro August 10, 2010
what chu doin? (what you doin?)
me: wcd
friend: nm chillen, u
me: same
by phillypinno January 17, 2007
An acronym for whatchadoing? Used in text or instant messaging.
Bree: Hellooo,

Vi: hiii(: wcd?

Bree: Nothing muchh, boreddd.

Vi: Sameee..
by BreeVI January 1, 2010
Wet Coochie Disorder is when you are uncontrollably ushing and gushing from your pussy. Wet Coochie Disorder.
Person 1 - Did you know Stephanie has WCD?

Person 2 - No I didn't, that must be so difficult for her.
Text slang used by young white males trying to be cool that means “what’s crackin dog”
by 0riginalL33 September 7, 2019
discord server with 17k members and everyone is mean there
"I hate WCD"
by roro_06 March 4, 2022