Someone who is not content. Usually applied to someone who has either lost or is not happy with their lot. Malcontents tend to bitch and moan a lot about their current situation.
That loser is a total malcontent.
by DeadMan January 21, 2004
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Ripped through strength.
that nigga is malcontent with mad strengfth .
by Markis Franklin March 2, 2005
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Bad ass ska band outa IN.
The Malcontents put on a fuckin bad ass show last night.
by Eli April 3, 2004
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A person who is only truly happy when he/she is upset. The inability to experience any or all of the following: happiness, laughter, joy, comradery. A tendency toward feeling bitter, scorn, spite, wrath, vengeful. See also killjoy and buzzkill.
A Perpetual Malcontent is one who complains about the quality of free food. A perpetual malcontent is critical of an event everyone else enjoyed.
by hwn85a5 March 27, 2009
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A person who is dissatisfied and rebellious. A person who always complains and never can be optimistic
Chuck G. is such a Malcontent. He always complains at work and uses his poor attitude as an excuse why he never advances at work
by FrankieMo87 November 10, 2021
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