DeAndre is an outstanding,amazing, really cute guy.He is known to be really really sweet and hilarious. He is very sensitive at times.He is also the type of guy that'll throw dem hands when somebody do something mean to him his friends or his girlfriend.Wait... You found one? Don't let him go!!
Girl 1: Omg DeAndre is sooooo cool.
Girl 2:I know right. I think I like him.
Girl 1: Me too.
by Simeyeet December 13, 2017
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Hands down the most amazing guy you will ever meet. He is genuine and sweet. He has a hudge personality and will almost never let you down. He is so damn sexy. And i am extremely lucky to have him now.
I am so lucky to have my DeAndre.
by your baby 4510 August 18, 2011
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A Fine young man. He is very cute but sometimes can be difficult. When he says he knows how to get down tho....He's not lying!!!
Girl 1- Where were you at
Girl 2- Oh, I was with DeAndre
Girl 3- Are you in pain??
by Analie!!! August 20, 2011
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He is the most cutest boy there is. And them curls tho. Don't mess with his girlfriend because trust me he will have to throw some hands. He is very loyal and always treats a girl with respect. If you have a DeAndre in your life don't lose him because he is very rare. Any girl that sees him it's like love at first sight. Don't ever lose him girls it will be the worst decision ever make.
DeAndre cute asf..💗
by Easton25 October 26, 2019
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A person who is a complete douchebag to everyone only when it calls for it . Usually self-centered for when he tries to care about others it backfires; thinks more carefully then others as to not make a mistake for failure is his worst fear. Tends to overcome adversity and pressure, never trying to blame others for his misfortune unless they are guilty. Normally sits and keeps to himself pondering his next move in life, making strides to get ahead in life. Never pretends to be something he is not and always tries to appeal to everyone's taste's that matters.
Female Person: I can't believe my father is dead.
Deandre: Do you need me to stay and keep you company?
Female Person: yes if you don't mind please...
by MegaDeuce May 11, 2011
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a guy who doesn't care about anyone else's feelings and fucks over everyone else. A guy who thinks he's the shit and is pretty cute but doesn't know how to treat a girl or any human being.
Dang you're acting like a total DeAndre
by normal black girl May 26, 2015
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A person who is a complete douchebag to everyone. Usually self-centered; thinks he's always perfect when he is in fact wrong. Cowers under pressure and tries to lie or pussy his way out of things by trying to blame others. Normally sits and keeps to himself. Likes to gang up or sucker punch in a fight because he's too cowardly to fend for himself. Pretends to smart and deep to attract attention from others, but most of the time fails.
Random Guy: "Hey man, what's up?"

DeAndre: *Bawh!*

Random Guy: "WTF, DeAndre?!"
by Nignorant February 7, 2010
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