pussy (due to the pinkish coloration inside of the watermelon)
i licked the shit out of that watermelon
by tom delounge May 12, 2005
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slang for weed because of green color and seeds. Rhine being the stems and the plate being the bong
"You gonna go eat some watermelon tonight?" "Yeah, got my plate ready, and I've already taken out the seeds and the rhine."
by The Great HuzzaH May 15, 2004
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--a blanket that is either wet or soggy and has the tendency to float in syrup

--the act of using said blanket to whip a wench

--wet, soggy, syrupy
--man, look at that that watermelon sit there and do...nothing

--dude let's watermelon that wench

--hey, get out of here. you are too watermelon for me.
by wetwatermelonwench.yeah June 12, 2009
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The act of consuming only watermelon because its summer and it tastes so good.
I was offered a nice meal at a summer barbeque but I said, No, thanks. I am watermeloning it .
by Doozieoozie June 30, 2018
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Hard on the outside; sweet and soft on the inside.
"I've known her for years, and believe me, she comes off like a tough girl , but she's really a watermelon!"
by talk2me-JCH2 June 18, 2017
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The Watermelons are a four piece indie pop band from west sussex
wuu2 man?
nm probably go see the watermelons tonight
i hear they're great!
love their tune dance strange together
by musicman798 January 26, 2012
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Watermelon is cool
Kim: “That is soo watermelon
Khloé:”What the hell is ‘watermelon’”
Kim: “Watermelon means cool”
by SaveTheSeals March 16, 2019
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