A small child with an ipad or other similar device.
"I can't deal with being a parent for 5 minutes little Jonny, so go watch this dumb youtube video with your watcher brother for 10 hours"
by Yorkmeanspuke May 30, 2019
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Someone, typically a scrawny white male, who watches their significant other/spouse have sex with somebody else, typically a large black male. Effectively someone who watches as they get cucked.
Franklin: Hey dude my P.E. Teacher sounds like a watcher.
Ryan: What's a watcher?
Franklin: A super-cuck who watches while the black guy rails their wife.
Ryan: Yeah he does sound like a watcher.
by Arch Ytpetay January 07, 2021
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(1) A horror movie.
(2) The minecraft bedrock server BrokenLens' anticheat system. Known for banning people for no reason, but cases like these are few and far in between. However, if you get banned by it you are screwed as the staff don't unban these type of people
(1) The Watcher is a 2016 movie.
(2) Brokenlens staff: "sorry, we don't unban people banned by the watcher"
by A dying goat August 25, 2019
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its a third uknown party whom always has their watchfull eye upon the other partys.... stays in the background but always knows whats going on! otherwise known as 'THE SAMMY WATCHER'
betty: whos that over ther, in the shodows?
clint:oh its probably just the watcher
jerry: oh no you didn't, you mean sammy watcher?
by steven morriss October 19, 2007
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1. A group of individuals who monitor the common everday person
2. Someone who knows more than they should know
3. The people who are watching you right now, and know what you are doing.
The watchers know who you are, and what you are doing.
by Anonymous December 19, 1999
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(n) A person who observes the activities of another person. Those being observed by a watcher are usually unaware they are being inspected and studied by a third party, unless that third party reveals themself to be a watcher.
Kelly: "I see that you added that slutty hot chick to your Myspace friends list.
Kevin: OMG your such a watcher!!
by Telly D. May 12, 2006
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(Highlander) A secret society of men and women who observe and record the lives of immortals, but never interfere. Most of the time anyway. They are ID'd by their wrist tattoos. Joe Dawson was the most famous, as Duncan MacLeod's Watcher. Sometimes they go rogue and start hunting immortals, and then they are called Hunters.
Joe was the only really cool Watcher in this 'verse
by ChicagoMel December 26, 2009
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