1. to lose control, particularly in a vehicle

2. failure (as in an event, or an individual)

3. West Indian slang: to clean out one's body system by means of a laxative, usually in the form of a tea of some sort.
1. Kimi Raikonnen washed out on the final corner due to his tires being completely shot.

2. That guy's a total washout.
This concert is a total washout.

3. "Boy, yuh poop stink so! Yuh need ah washout!"
by Tengu December 11, 2007
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to cum in a a girls vagina and to piss in her vagina to wash it out after.
Damn George just did a washout on that girl
by George Marchese November 19, 2011
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A phenomenon that occurs when a lazy person drinks directly from a beverage carton in the fridge then puts it back on the shelf. The resulting product is usually a mouth washout of saliva or food particles that end up in the container.
When I finished drinking the glass of eggnog I noticed the bottom of the glass was full of washouts.
by John Schlitz November 15, 2007
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When two lesbians are scissoring and one has the runs The other may receive A vagina full of feces
Sandy gave Becky a Seattle washout
by JohnnyAmerica July 2, 2018
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