A type of type that's commonly used rather than duct tape. A new form of sheer tape that old children and young teens are using. Or, used for much purposed Japanese items.
I love that new washi print that they just came out with!
by LRF1223 December 24, 2014
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When your boobs get squeezed
Person 1: If you run away any further, we can always Washi Washi instead
Person 2: Okay okay I'll stop running away!!!
by TsunMaki June 15, 2015
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Asian Massage Pallor. Most cities have a few washi washi's located in the seeder sections. The usual joint is non descript with just 3 inch address numbers on the door. The process begins by ringing the door bell. At this time the Mommysom (elder Asian women dressed in a house dress) will crack open the door and say "what you want"? At this point you just push your way in. She will then say "Are you a cop". Just say "no, I was here last week remember" and even if you weren't she will let you sit down. The waiting rooms are all the same. If they are busy (screwing other guys) the mommy som will offer you a beer. Take it, it will always be an 8oz can of Bud... This is the case in most cities. Once there is a girl who can "take you" she will peer out in the hall way.. IF you like her look at the Mommy Som and say "yes" and walk towards the girl.. IF you want a different girl say "other girl.
She will ask you for $60. Don't haggle here it won't work. Just pull out $60 and show that you have more cash. She will then ask if you want a shower.. Some guys do. If so they will place you on a bath table and wash you down with warm water and soap. Nice Touch but you can decline. As she massages you she will say "you want more?" Say how much.. She will then say $140 more.. At this point you say all I have is $100.. She will say ok. Then slap on a jim hat. After you blow your load she will clean you up and ask you for a tip. It is nice to drop an extra $20 on her if she did a good job.
Yo Al let's hit the strip club and go the Washi Washi after. Can't go Jay I don't have the cash.... I'll lend you $160 but you gotta pay me back next week dog...
by bt3101 May 29, 2011
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The method of cleaning your hands then being "happy happy"
"Don't forget to washie washie before you eat"
by Mr. washie washie March 21, 2020
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Slang term for Asian massage parlors that offer "table showers" and various services, ranging from hand jobs to full blown sexual intercourse. Also known as a "rub-n-tug".
After dinner, drinks, and trip to the strip club; some of the guys at the bachelor party went to the washy-washy.
by EKFH April 13, 2005
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The name for the special shampoo service that the myriad of brothels in China that masquerade as barber shops offer in the back room
This guy from Rahan (who can't be named for legal reasons) was going to Vegas for gambling and more washy washy than you could shake a corporate card at.
by Rod March 1, 2005
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Washy washy everyday
Good for you
Good for me
Washy washy everyday
Make you happy
by aartz 81 June 13, 2019
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