A word that means the female chest is flat or smallishly pointed like that of a washboard. Commenly used to insults in the anime world. Other then that, it is used to washing clothes upon.
Anime Guy: Why would I like you? You have a washboard for a chest.
Anime Girl: *Smack*
Anime Guy: *Flies toward the sun*
by Animeluver February 29, 2008
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One of the primary instruments used by bands that consist of dumb, toothless, morons from the hills aka hillbillys. Usually accompanied by the jug and spoons as well as the single, clothes-wire, washtub bass.
Jethro is one badass washboard player. He taught hisself.
by Roland819 November 23, 2006
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When a woman gets on top during sex and moves as if someone is washing their clothes on a washboard
Dave:How did it go with sally yesterday?

Steve: It was going great until she got on top and started washboarding me
by HarryJerry January 10, 2019
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