girls that are in their teens with HUGE boobs.
Person 2: DAYUMMMM! Wanna bang?
by The Boy Lyric March 19, 2017
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A girl. That is an anime fan.

Why these definitions say that they're preppy I'll never know.
by Gothicmarshmallon July 22, 2009
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Any girl who talks about nothing but anime, spends half of her life on the computer, and puts little ASCII kitty faces at the end of all her IM or forum posts. <b>Not all girls who like anime are anime girls, though.</b> Anime girls usually dress either preppy, like a Japanese schoolgirl, or their mom picks out all their clothes.

If you have ever shopped in Hot Topic, relax, you're not an anime girl.
Dude, look at Susie over there, she's wearing a shirt with a Japanese character on it, and she's, like, reading three mangas at once. She's such an anime girl.

Dude, don't let her hear you call her Susie, she prefers to be called "Utada." *snicker*
by MAaP November 30, 2005
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greasy and most likly dyed hair.
talks about nothing but anime, manga, and japan, listens to J-pop and dressed either preppy japanese school girl or cosplays most of the tme. girls who go to anime-cons and dance hare hare yukai, lucky star, caramelldansen ect. who learn japanese and use it on a daily bases. draw anime and put ":3" when typing places.

I myself am a very big anime girl, obssesed and need more japan! being otaku is fairly fun, not worrying about what people think is that best part, just being a stupid little girl all day and loving it~!
leik omg becka look at that dork over there, shes like, so not kool with her cartoons.

HEY BITCH IT'S NOT A CARTOON!! it's anime, and im an anime girl. thank you spankin muchly

by あり (ari) (allie) January 14, 2009
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Progressive Anime Girl Obsession (PAGO) is when someone constantly becomes heavily attached or obsessed with an anime girl for a short period of time only to switch to a different anime girl repeatedly.

Some symptoms include constantly thinking about or imagining oneself in fantasies with the character, searching for and downloading a large amount of artwork, and talking about the character too much around friends.

PAGO can commonly be found in people with high emotional capacity or those who relate or attach easily to new characters. It can also be sexually driven among those who consume a surplus of hentai or other Japanese erotic art.
Hey Zack why is your friend Ben always obsessed with a different anime girl every two weeks?

Zack: Yeah.. he has a really bad case of Progressive Anime Girl Obsession
by Astromo January 01, 2021
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The most unappealing girl you could ever think of, usually following these characteristics
12-16 years old
Dirty blond hair
Anime teeshirts every day
Naruto headbands
Person 1: Hey dude *giggles* wana see a hot girl?

Person 2: Um.. sure, why not?

Person 1: Shows pic

Person 2: Great i now know that there is no god, thanks for the confirmation

Person 1: Yeah dude, anytime

Anime fan girl
by ܶLÖÅDéR January 17, 2009
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This is to do with Wilbur Soot's 'I'm In Love With An E-Girl', an absolute classic.

Now who is Wilbur Soot you may ask? Well he is a man who fell in love with TommyInnit many years ago.
"She's got a picture of an anime girl's face!"
"Just a single"
"Nothing more"
"Send her rubbing up my ethernet cord"
by GiggleOfficial August 20, 2021
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