something that is so good it compares with masturbation.

"mmm this chicken is wankalicious"
"mmm I agree"
"that girl is so hot, she is wankalicious"
by Wigga Joey C November 3, 2006
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Describes something both delicious and wanky.
Wow! That’s a wankalicious casserole
by Hamppp January 8, 2018
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To possess the properties of wanting to wank. In other words using wank as an adjective.
That girls curves looks so delicious, I think I may wack off because that shit is wankalicious
by Robin and Philip February 20, 2006
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Dave: Yo man, check out this porno I rented from the adult video store.
Rich: That's... that's my wife on the cover! And the fucking gardener!

Dave: Wow, that makes this video a lot more wankalicious.
by Jizzerkid July 5, 2018
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